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Sales Territory Planning & Routing

Are your sales team feeling frustrated and exhausted but they still can’t achieve their sales target? It is probably because they don’t understand sales territory concept to make them work more effective.

Your success as a field and distribution sales professional will ultimately depend on how efficient and effective you can manage your sales territory by building strong sales pipelines and advancing sales opportunities with a focus on growing relationships with key and high potential customers

As a field sales person, you are accountable for the quality, direction and quantity of your sales activity within your territory. How well you plan and manage these three factors will ultimately decide your overall success. When territories are managed properly, key customer relationships are being grown, account plans and key sales opportunities are being advanced and sales territory targets are being achieved. This can only happen through structured territory business planning and proactively exploring territory growth

This training programs aims to introduce a simple 5 steps process to properly manage and plan your sales territory. The process serves as a plan or a guideline from setting strategic sales goals based on your close analysis of both your territory itself and scoring your customers for their potential to following best practice territory routing and coverage patterns and evaluating your results.

At the completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Follow a structured step by step approach to plan sales activity within their sales territories
  • Understand the criteria to determine real customer potential
  • Determine sales territory potential and assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the sales territory
  • Set strategic objectives and goals for their sales territories
  • Explore best practice sales territory routing patterns for efficient and effective coverage

Moh Subagio Indonesia