Moh Subagio Indonesia

Personal Effectiveness

Understand Self, Manage Priorities, Develop Potentials

In the workplace it's important that we work to our greatest potential, to increase productivity and to ensure success and that we remain happy in our role. Sometimes a little boost is needed; perhaps to give us greater confidence in our role; to give us the assertiveness to speak up in meetings and appraisals; or to better manage our time and workload. Here you will learn how to improve your professional and personal potential by having the attitude of pro-activeness and resourcefulness, developing and managing yourself better.

At the completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic individual effectiveness model See-Do-Get
  • Understand & able to become proactive person
  • Able to set the individual goals aligned with the team objectives
  • Defining Unique Personal Significance: Talent, Passion, Economic Need & Conscience; and develop actions to leverage.
  • Able to define lag & lead indicators based on the Pareto Principles
  • Able to define & set action plans for personal development to achieve business goals

Moh Subagio Indonesia