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Consultative Selling Skill Program

Are you a salesman? What kind of salesman are you? Quitter, Camper or Climber?

This two days extensive sales training program will guide participants how to uncovering "The Right" skill-set and mind-set of a professional sales person should be possessed and performed. From controlling conversations with different type of prospect / customers, asking the right questions to uncover customer's needs using SPIN selling technique, until technique to closing the sales.

This program will enhance sales ability to connect and engage better with customers, overcome objections and more confidently and effectively close sales to achieve sales targets and deliver commercial objectives.

At the completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Learn 3 types of human when facing problem consist of Quitters, Campers & Climbers based on Paul Scholz method.
  • Understand differences of proactive & reactive
  • Understand how the brain work in receiving information
  • Understand customer with preference of communication method to make easier connect with others based on DR. Nedd Herrman concept
  • Understand what & why Ultimate Consultative Selling for effective sales activity
  • Able to identify prospect need (probing) using SPIN Selling technique from Neil Rackham concept
  • Able to present solution with FAB technique (Feature-Advantage-Benefit)
  • Able to handle objection effectively using Empathy technique
  • Able to identify others’ negotiation technique
  • Able to Negotiate
  • Able to identify buying signal prom prospect & close the deal with the professional way

Moh Subagio Indonesia