Moh Subagio Indonesia

Coaching for High Performance

Identify, Develop, Succeed!

Directing & Delegating are important skills managers should have. Buat Coaching is quite another! It requires ability to set goals, define root causes of the problem, develop alternative solutions, define action plans & measures of success. It surely requires skills in giving effective feedback and direction in accordance with interpersonal communication principles; which includes increasing subordinate’s self-esteem, listen with empathy, employee involvement in problem solving process, information disclosure, and giving the required support without the tendency of delegating the responsibility.

At the completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of Coaching for performance
  • Understand the Key principles of Interaction
  • Understand the types of employees’ s motivational needs
  • Able to plan a coaching session on performance & work habit
  • Able to conduct the session using GROW method
  • Able to define, follow through the action plans agreed during the session
  • Able to motivate subordinate to achieve the target effectively

Moh Subagio Indonesia